Health & Safety


As parent with two young children, health and safety have been our top
priority for Kidz City both before COVID-19 and now. And we would not be
opening our doors if we didn’t feel comfortable bringing our own children
into our space. We have implemented a number of new safety measures
and policies to keep your family safe while at Kidz City.

New Health Procedures

  • Everyone will be required to wash their hands upon entering our facility.
  • Temperature checks upon entering our facility.
  • Ages 2 and up to wear a face mask when entering our facility. 
  • Hand sanitizers placed all over the facility as we’ve always done.
  • Temporarily removed tiny toys and costumes.
  • Our space is 8500sf, we have an open concept that allows for social distancing.
  • We’ll be strict with our sick policy. Please stay home, if you or your children are remotely under the weather. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. Apologies in advance for those with seasonal allergies.

New Cleaning Procedures


  • We use CDC approved disinfectant for use against corona virus and other common diseases for our cleaning procedures.
  • We have implemented a toy rotation in place to make sure toys are disinfected before placing them back into the play area. Children will play just as they do normally, and after the play session, staff will collect the toys for cleaning.
  • The play houses, toys, blocks, cars and chairs are sprayed with disinfectant and allowed to seat before wiping. The toys are hand washed with soap and water then allowed to air dry.
  • Previously sanitized toys are placed for the new play session.
  • We require one hour between sessions in order to fully disinfect the play area.

Sanitizing station

Parents/guardians will have access to sanitizing station located throughout our space. We have sanitizing wipes and spray. We encourage you to wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitizer provided throughout our space.

Following Health Department Issued Guidelines

If any known case of COVID-19 arises within our community, the AA County Department of Public Health will be contacted immediately and we will fully comply with their protocol. All active participants will be informed and instructed on how to proceed.


Tel: 410-695-5120/410-695-5786
Address: Stay tuned!

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